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Hi there, my name is Sindy Lambert (nee: Spack) and I was born and raised in Durban, South Africa.

My mum was South African and my dad Swiss, I guess it was fate that I’ve ended up spending some of my life this side of the globe on the beautiful Isle of Man, which I now call home.

Living in a hotter country you would think it was easier to maintain a healthier lifestyle, but I always battled with not having enough time. 

I looked for an alternative that would fit in with my busy lifestyle and help me to maintain my health and my fitness, that is when I discovered The Firm Slimming & Health Clinic in 2007.

When I didn’t have the time to go to gym, a long run or one of my exercise classes… I just headed for my Firm electrotherapy and infrared sessions, knowing I was still getting a workout without the sweat, and didn’t have to waste time on a shower afterwards. 

These sessions eventually became part of my weekly exercise regime as the results and benefits were definitely worth the hour out of my day to relax and let the machines do the work for me.

Having now lived on the Isle of Man since 2012, and initially working full time in shipping I ran into the same time issues with regards to my workouts… an hour lunch just wasn’t enough time to get to the gym, workout, shower and head back. And not being use to the colder weather either, getting out in the rain and wind was not my ideal conditions.

In 2015 I began my training with The Firm Head Office qualifying in EMS therapy and Infra-red treatments, Clinic Management and further Business Skills training, and most importantly Nutritional Coaching.

I was fortunate enough that the stars aligned at the right time and I was able to establish my clinic on the Isle of Man. 

The electrotherapy and infrared machines are programmed for a full body workout, and now I am able to help others with my passion for nutrition, fitness and over all wellbeing.

I offer nutritional coaching advice both locally and online.  

And I love mentoring one to one, giving a unique experience and getting results tailored just for you, helping you reach your health and fitness goals.

Let me know how I can help you?

Kind Regards,

Sindy Lambert xx