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What are EnergyDots ?

All of our much loved gadgets are EMF devices.  Mobiles, cordless landlines, computers, laptops, tablets, games consoles and controllers, baby monitors, wi-Fi routers, smart meters all emit EMF and so are categorised as EMF devices.

Energydots are EMF protection devices.  They act as transformers.  They harmonise or retune the electro-magnetic frequencies to natural energy which does not affect the body in the same way. smartDOT is an essential element if you are looking for EMF protection.  Many of us keep our mobile phones on us 24 hours a day i.e. we are in direct contact with the radiation source all day. smartDOT has a self-adhesive back so you can stick it to your mobile phone and feel the benefits.

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What is EMF ?

Our EMF exposure today is extremely high.  You cannot smell, taste or see EMF radiation but you are immersed in it all day every day.  Many people feel immediate effects and many more are affected without realising it.  Low energy, poor sleep, lack of concentration, headaches a feelings of being unsettled and/or stressed are experienced by a huge percentage of people but very few would link these feelings to their use of technology.

World Health Organisation

The WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer1, associated with wireless phone use.

Many people are now looking for EMF protection for themselves and their families.  If you want to protect yourself ideally you would use a smartDOT on all your EMF devices and wear a bioDOT so you have EMF protection when you are out and about.

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SmartDOT - How does it work & how do I use it?

Not everybody knows that wireless devices emit low level radiation, which may be damaging to our health. smartDOT is a magnetic disc, programmed with Phi energy which interacts with this form of radiation.  Acting as a filter, smartDOT retunes electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) directly at their source, so they are no longer harmful for the human body to absorb. The EMF protection device is programmed to harmonise EMFs from our much-loved gadgets using the process of entrainment. 

SmartDOT enables you to live life more safely, with the benefits of boosted energy, mood and concentration plus reduced headaches, anxiety, and fatigue. Use a smartDOT on any device you feel contributes to these symptoms of electro-stress. Attach your smartDOT using the adhesive backing, or slot it into a phone or tablet case. A smartDOT does not need to be in a specific position and can be placed anywhere on a device to function. Ideally one should be placed on each individual item, for example a Wi-Fi router and a laptop. 

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BioDOT- How does it work & how do I use it?

 We live in intense wireless times, constantly surrounded by devices which may be affecting our energy levels, concentration and mood. A well-needed energy booster,  bioDOT is a magnetic disc programmed with Phi energy. Using the process of entrainment, bioDOT releases natural frequencies to remind your energy field of its optimum state, recharging your battery so you feel calmer, more focused and more energised. 

bioDOT is the personal DOT for you to wear.  For the ultimate energy boost, begin your wellness programming by wearing a bioDOT 24/7. Peel off the protective backing paper and fix securely to a clean, dry surface using the super strong adhesive, for example the back of a necklace or watch. The energy boosting bioDOT can be used by adults (including pregnant women), children and babies and can be worn in the shower, bath or pool as its programming is not affected by water. 

baby next to sleepDOT

SleepDOT- How does it work & how do I use it?

When we’re surrounded by technology, winding down can feel impossible. A natural sleep aid, sleepDOT is programmed with a specific mix of soothing vibrations to help you catch some well-earned Zs.  sleepDOT emits natural frequencies that encourage your brain to slow to the theta and delta frequencies. These are the slowest frequencies of the brain, associated with relaxation and present during daydream, meditation and deep, dreamless sleep. 

Attach your sleepDOT using the adhesive backing to an object near you during sleep. The sleep aid should be as close as possible to your head to be as effective as possible, so we’d suggest a headboard or the wall near your bed. The sleepDOT does not need to be affixed, but if it is, should be stuck to a clean, dry surface such as a bedside table or wooden bed slat. Unfortunately, not everyone is guaranteed a good night’s sleep, that’s why we’re donating 10% of sleepDOT proceeds to leading youth homelessness charity, Centrepoint. 

spaceDOT on blue carpet

SpaceDOT- How does it work & how do I use it?

There are several layers that influence the overall energetic quality of a place. spaceDOT is a room harmoniser, designed to uplift any disruptive energies in your home or workspace. spaceDOT continously radiates Phi energy which interacts with its environment to re-energise and balance the area through the scientific process of entrainment. spaceDOT’s vibrational frequencies can create positive change with symptoms such as poor sleep quality, irritability, difficulty relaxing and headaches reduced. 

SpaceDOT has a radius of approximately 5 metres and can be used in a number of ways. If you have a particular room which needs an energy boost, from geopathic stress to emotional residue to historic elements, place the room harmoniser on a specific object. If the entire property needs rebalancing, consider a Space Pyramid which has a radius of 90m or place four spaceDOTs in a grid to energise a wider area. We can advise on where is best or provide a bespoke service for your space. 

dog with collar in mouth

PetDOT- How does it work & how do I use it?

We live in intense wireless times, constantly surrounded by devices which can affect our energy levels and mood. This is no different for our furry friends, which is why we’ve created EMF protection for pets. petDOT is a magnetic disc programmed with Phi energy.  Using the process of entrainment, petDOT releases natural frequencies to remind your pet’s energy field of its optimum state, recharging their battery and helping them to feel calmer and less stressed. 

Begin your pet’s wellness programming by introducing EMF pet protection, petDOT, into their life. Peel off the protective backing paper and fix securely to a clean, dry surface such as a collar, halter or bridle, using the super strong adhesive. Your pet should wear a bioDOT day and night to strengthen and support their natural energy field and help them stay in top form.

AquaDOT on water bottle

AquaDOT- How does it work & how do I use it?

Water is the most important thing we consume but like us, the water we consume is exposed to electromagnetic radiation, emitted from wireless devices. aquaDOT is designed to refresh the natural energetic structure of water using the process of entrainment. aquaDOT’s technology removes imprinting from wireless radiation, giving our bodies the best chance at renewing itself on a cellular level. 

Harmonise your H20 with a restorative aquaDOT. Place an aquaDOT on any drinking source, such as a water bottle, filter, cooler, coaster, glass, or jug for a harmonising effect within minutes. The adhesive of aquaDOT is very strong so will survive constant hand washes. We wouldn’t recommend dishwashing products which have the aquaDOT attached as it may not cope well or last as long.