Workplace Well-being

Isle of Man workplace & staff well-being and wellness sessions.  Unique classes.

Health & Wellness in the Workplace

Let me know how we can tailor a package or information for you and your staff, here are some examples: 

1. EMS Taster Sessions

15 or 30 minute one to one trial sessions on our electrotherapy machine, a private room is required for the day. 

2. Sip & Sample

A Sip & Sample display of the Isagenix nutritional supplements range, great for weight loss, weight gain and sports performance. 

3. Mixology Class

 Doterra essential oils sample class where staff can mix a blend of personalised oils for a variety of benefits. 

4. Improved Energy

Talk or promotional display for EnergyDots, which are EMF (electro magnetic frequency) protection devices for use against radiation from cellphones, modems, wifi etc. 

A great support for staff's well-being within the workplace. 

5. Staff Q&A

Nutritional talk on various subjects relating to staff well-being.